We'll cut to the chase.

Whether you are a SMB or a global brand, building a growing and sustainable business today requires investing in a mobile marketing strategy. Consumers are empowered by mobile technology and now have the ability to be more selective on where, when and how they spend. An estimated 75% of mobile users currently use their devices for shopping while in-store. Smart phones and tablets have become the front door of the internet—a place where consumers can read reviews, compare prices and share deals with their network.

Digital 312 was born from the premise that businesses need a trusted partner to help navigate the sometimes murky waters of digital marketing. We are the trusted digital agency partner of the Chicago Sun-Times. Our team of seasoned digital marketers specialize in SEO, location based mobile advertising, web design, and optimized paid search strategies. We customize innovative solutions to fit your unique needs. 

We believe accountability and transparency is integral to every facet of the digital marketing and advertising business solutions we provide.  We are fueled by the 75-year legacy that is the Chicago Sun-Times brand. We tell it like it is and we hold ourselves to the principles of the bold and straightforward narrative that is the hallmark of our brand. Whether you are an SMB, local business or a large national company, you will benefit from our long history of credibility, integrity and hustle.

 Our focus, passion, and reason for being resides in our commitment to help businesses grow and thrive in the digital world. Our job is to create relevant  and lasting connections between consumers and brands.

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