Display Advertising

display-adsDisplay advertising is one of the most efficient approaches to online advertising. It’s also very flexible, allowing you to use different images and content to advertise.

Display advertising works in a multi-level environment:

Showcase – Your display ad can advertise a wide range of products. There is quite literally no limit to the range and scope of display ads in this field.

Great visuals – Good display ads offer the chance for a multiplicity of visual displays, different styles and content. Variety of display advertising, using common factors is also a good brand building exercise.

Versatility – Your display ad doesn’t have to be a static ad. You can use videos and even narrative ads with a storyline to promote your business. These more advanced form of display advertising is used by many consumer businesses and in insurance and financial sectors.

Better online presence – A display ad can be both active and passive, without excessive outlay. Display ad costs can be managed within budget, to deliver high quality advertising.Placement – Display ads can be used on any site, anywhere, but they’re also excellent for marketing specifically to a particular sector on sector websites, blogs, and in news media.

Engagement – Display ads work well on social media as simple, direct advertisement. Facebook display ads are a good example of how this works in practice. This is also a straightforward way of attracting new customers.

Digital 312 display advertising services

We offer a complete range of display advertising services, including:

Tracking – We provide accurate, meaningful metrics to help our clients track their returns from their investment in display advertising. You can see how your ads are doing, and track ad performance, conversions and returns easily.

Programmed media – Programmed media is a very efficient way of ensuring that your ads are displayed at the right time to the right people. It can also be used to track performance patterns and improve ad targeting.

Display ad remarketing – Remarketing is a very simple but very effective method of repeating ads to your client base. Remarketed ads are delivered to a list of clients derived from website cookies.

Want to know more about display advertising?

If you’d like to find out more about Digital 312 display advertising services, and to explore your options, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss display advertising options, and help with creating a display ad programs your business, with full metrics and support.