Paid Search

Paid search is the standard method of advertisement. Different forms of paid advertising include pay per click, social media marketing, display advertising, retargeting, and many variations on these themes.


Display advertising includes banners, and any kind of online display. Typical examples include pictures of products, fashion advertisements, and other high profile online advertising.

Display advertising has several highly effective uses for marketing purposes:

High visibility – A good display ad can attract a lot of interested viewers.

Excellent content options – Your display ad can include a range of high value selling points.

Good placement options – Your display ad can be featured in core markets on websites and blogs directly related to your products and business operations.


Retargeting uses cookies to re-advertise in visitors’ browsers. A cookie is added using JavaScript to create a working list of visitors. This list is then used to re-advertise and act as a reminder to your visitors.

This type of advertising is very effective and can be configured according to types of products, your market, and relative customer needs. For example, travel businesses retarget immediately, because customers are shopping for current needs. Luxury goods, cars, and other high-end products are retargeted later, because these are discretionary purchase items.

Pay per click advertising

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is the most common form of online advertising. In this type of advertising, you pay a defined amount of money per each click on your advertisement.

Pay per click offers major advantages for businesses:

You can control your budget easily using PPC. (Contrary to urban myths, you only need to spend as much as you want to spend on PPC. You never need to go outside your financial comfort zone.)

You can specifically target your advertising. PPC allows you to use specific search terms and keywords according to your needs.

PPC advertising works with SEO and SEM seamlessly. Your SEO metrics and SEM can be configured to just about any kind of marketing for PPC advertising.

Digital 312 paid advertising services

Digital 312 can provide you with a full suite of paid advertising services according to your needs. We can help you with all aspects of these types of advertising, including display ads content and placement, retargeting, and PPC advertising and management.

If you’d like to discuss your paid advertising needs, contact us. We’ll be happy to provide any assistance and services you require.