Reputation is Key

review-rating-star-tablet-ss-1920Digital 312 offers a complete range of reputation management services and support when you need it.

Reputation management is a critical factor in doing business online and off-line. Problems with reputation management can occur as a result of negative reviews, malicious information, and need to be addressed ASAP.

The “troll factor” can be a real problem for businesses. Customers researching your products and services may see these misleading (and in many cases completely false) posts online. Naturally, this negative information does make an impression.

The need is to ensure that these damaging statements and sometimes even defamatory information are corrected quickly and to a professional standard. It’s not enough to simply respond directly to negative information. It’s necessary to provide credible, clearly laid out responses to reassure customers and to set the public information straight.
Best practice for businesses is to monitor, identify and manage any issues arising from these sources.

Our reputation management services

Our reputation management services include:

Monitoring – We monitor your business reputation online, checking reviews, evaluating negative information and assessing response options. We particularly check sector-relevant websites, social media sites like Facebook, Angie’s List, and Yelp for information.

Responses – Responses may be specific to negative commentary, or less direct, focusing on strong positive aspects of your business, products or services to rectify misleading impressions from negative sources.

High positive content – One of the best ways to deal with the “troll factor” is to focus on customer-friendly, positive information. This is actually a form of customer relations management, focusing on customer needs, while simultaneously devaluing negative statements and criticisms.

Reputation management online is a fast response option. It enables businesses to address negative information very quickly and very effectively. Our reputation management services include integration with marketing, CRM, SEO and SEM, delivering a one stop solution for our clients.

Want to discuss your reputation management needs?

Digital 312 can help you with all aspects of reputation management, including new issue management, to help your business to maintain its good reputation online. If you’d like to discuss reputation management needs to your business, just call us.

We can help you with monitoring, creating responses, and generating strong positive content of your business. Our experts can also assist with case of specific practical solutions to reputation management problems, like addressing particular negative information issues.

If you’d like to talk to us about your needs, we’ll be happy to assist. Contact us now to speak directly to one of our experts.