Retargeting fundamentals

Retargeting is a commonly used form of advertising. Many people wonder why they keep seeing the same ads on different sites online. The fact is that online advertising routinely uses retargeting to deliver ads with retargeting capabilities.

Retargeting is based on website cookies. The cookies use are few lines of JavaScript to create a list of potential clients. The cookies, which are stored on client browsers, will then repeat these ads at selected times.


The Basics:

Retargeted ads are used to act as direct access facilities for people browsing online. They also promote recognition of brands through simple visual presence.

Retargeted ads can be used to segment the client base. This is done according to specific product categories, focusing on known areas of customer interest. This is a much more efficient way of advertising than broad spectrum anything/everything advertising. If a client indicates an interest in a particular type of product while browsing your site, that range of products will be retargeted.

Ad performance metrics are used to monitor retargeted ads. These metrics are particularly useful in monitoring the effectiveness of ads and managing retargeting effectively.

Retargeting is also timed, according to the needs of businesses. Typically, fast turnover products like travel are retargeted ASAP, to ensure that they are within the natural timeframe of client purchasing. More expensive items or discretionary spending items are targeted in longer timeframes.

Retargeted ads arenot expensive or complex – This type of advertising can be seamlessly fitted into any of your existing and new promotions as part of your advertising package.

Retargeted ad content

Good retargeted ads include:

Conversion actions – Ads are not retargeted to people who have responded to your advertising and already click through and bought.

Promotions – Retargeted ad should be timely, within promotion timeframes, and offer value to the customer, like a discount or other incentives.

Call to action – The best retargeted ads include a call to action to interested clients to get promotional value, discounts, and other rewards.

Digital 312 retargeting services

Digital 312 offers a full spectrum of online advertising services, including retargeting as standard services. Our integrated package of advertising services provides our clients with a very wide range of advertising options, including social media, business-specific targeted advertising, and much more. If you’d like to discuss your advertising needs, including retargeting, call us.

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